Finding the best solution together with intended partners during a development process turns out to be a challenging way of business dating and a great alternative to traditional tendering.
After 25 implementations in the industry, buyers, engineers and suppliers find a #supplychallenge an effective concept to find the best solution.

Further development
But we are not there yet! We will continue to develop the #supplychallenge to become the industry standard for tendering. A concept team works together with a master student from Eindhoven University of Technology on the refinement of the concept with particular attention to the approach (sell your package, live briefing and live clarification) and the tools (dot rating).
In addition to the further development of the concept, an extensive benchmark will also take place with a traditional tender, Best Value Procurement (BVP) and Vested.

A contemporary approach – finding the best solution with the best partner – requires a contemporary assessment or rating tool. Instead of the usual vendor rating, a specific KPI has been developed for the #supplychallenge, namely the dot rating.
With the dot rating you assess the solution and the partner with a score and you visually represent this with dots. As a result, you can see at a glance what the situation is and intended partners can be well triggered to find the best solution.

Anti boring
A traditional tender is often boring for those involved, after all, there is little room for creativity and the lowest bidder gets the order. However, business dating is anything but boring. It has many similarities with private dating because it is important to be attractive to each other and whether that is the case you will gradually find out (development trajectory). Facilitating this process and creating room for creativity are crucial success factors in finding the best solution with the best partner. Prescribing, demanding and dictating squeeze with business dating. It is time for openness, fun and challenge; it’s time for a #supplychallenge!

Paul van Veen

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