strengthens the supply network


When working together in the supply chain and reliable customer-supplier relationships and innovative business models are your goal, this concept suits you perfectly. Do you prefer the lowest price and cost reductions without a fundamental basis, then choose another article to read.

We always have a position as a supplier or as a customer somewhere in our network. Often when we are a supplier, we would like to be given the opportunity to bring our added value to the attention of the customer. Conversely, when we want to solve a problem, it is prescribed in almost all cases how that problem should be solved. The only thing left for the supplier is to price it.

The buyers, who studied or have been developed by experience, know that you better specify your needs functionally. In doing so, you still ignore that the relationship can best be based on equality.

The #supplychallenge takes all aspects into account in order to create a strengthened customer-supplier network.

The #supplychallenge is completed in 4 phases:

Briefing / clarification

During the briefing the frameworks of the assignment (read: need) are provided. The supplier gets a good impression of the need that exists at the buying organization and has every opportunity to ask questions about it.

Does the (potential) supplier also have the idea that within the framework of the assignment it can make a proposal that fits with its core competences, then it can choose to go into the next phase. If not, only a limited amount of energy is put into the market opportunity.


This phase is for the (potential) supplier to make a proposal within the broad framework of the assignment. Where necessary, additional information may be requested during this phase.

It is up to the supply innovation engineer to determine how relevant it is for the other parties to have this additional information.


During the clarification, the (potential) supplier is offered the opportunity to explain its proposal and to answer questions from the customer.


With the supplier who has the best ‘papers’ an agreement will be drawn up in consultation.

In short, the #Supplychallenge offers the possibility to strengthen the supply network, in line with the continuously changing circumstances (VUCA world) that we all have to deal with.

Ready for the new economy, without having to wait until there is one.

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