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#payperuse – a cool, circular solution

Responsible consumption and production, goal 12 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations and … beautifully applicable for example in the industry!

Responsible production

If you want to produce responsibly you think about the entire life cycle of the product; responsible materials, long service life, reuse, no waste, etc. The manufacturer remains the owner in a circular business model such as #payperuse and the customer uses the product and pays for the use, for example per hour or per km.

Responsible consumption

If you want to consume responsibly, think about the necessity and use of the product. The gift of a #payperuse solution is that the product will be used much more effectively because you pay for the use and it is in the interest of both the customer and the manufacturer to reach an optimum!


In the industry (company) cars, forklifts, printers, scanners and tools are popular products. These products are excellent for #payperuse; after all, you can pay them per km, per hour or per print / scan.

#payperuse is a sustainable, flexible and smart solution!

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