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TOPINC already has implemented various #Payperuse services since 2015. The #Payperuse service brings power and responsibility back close together. The principle that you only pay for the use, we have lost a bit in the current economic model. Within the #Payperuse concept the ownership of a product remains with the supplier. The product will thus be delivered as a service. There are currently four product groups for which services have been implemented at customers.

#Payperuse fits within the new circular economy. In this economy it is important to cooperate with your suppliers. The relationship with the supplier is fundamentally different by applying the #Payperuse concept. The supplier is now sitting at the table and he is thinking to change the delivery of a product into the provision of a service.


#Payperuse has the following benefits:

First of all, green through a circular economy. The manufacturer will think differently about the product when he is only paid for use. The products will be designed differently, as both parties benefit from a much longer lifespan.


Circular economy

The next advantage is gold. Which stands for cost benefits that arise because the occupancy rate of the product greatly improves. The occupancy rate improves because the supplier provides an overview of the consumption of a product and makes an invoice on that basis. As a result, the customer knows much better how the product is used and what the capacity utilization is. In this way, the customer will no longer be able to set up its capacity to what is needed as much as possible. This alone results in a considerable cost saving.


No investment

The flex argument as an advantage. By using the #Payperuse concept, the customer can respond faster and more flexibly to changes in the order book. A contract is concluded with the supplier stating that the required capacity is lower in quiet times than at busy times. The supplier will then ensure that there is enough capacity in busy times. The customer only pays for the use, so he will never pay too much in times that it is quiet, because then the use is also less.


Cost follows business

Control as an advantage. Because the customer has a better insight in the occupancy rate from a dashboard, it is better to respond to changing circumstances. Compared to a lease contract, this is a big difference. With the #Payperuse concept you receive an overview of consumption.



#Payperuse fits in perfectly with the new business models as part of a circular economy, such as also developed by architect Thomas Rau, guest speaker during our supply innovation day of 2018. According to him, there is a transition going from ownership to performance. He reasons the following:

On the one hand, we replace products because a better or better version comes on the market. And on the other hand, products are made in such a way that they quickly break and have to be replaced. If you can buy a product as a service, the manufacturer will want to make a product that lasts super long and uses as little energy as possible.

A good example of his work is the lounge area at Schiphol. He has applied the Pay per Lux concept, where no more lamps are purchased but lighting as a service.

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