compose contemporary agreements


Contemporary agreements

Over the last 10 years we have been involved in roughly 1.000 agreements and contracts. Oftentimes these concern unilateral contracts with a single goal: strangling the other party.

Who isn’t familiar with the following? You are in need of an agreement and look up an old contract, you tweak it a bit and present it as a brand new contract. Everything stays as is.

On the contrary, a lot has changed. Among others highly dynamic business environment, volatile demand and the need for good collaboration. These circumstances call for an agreement that fits.

Supply contract has been design to constitute modern, reciprocal collaborations. It offers a plethora of solutions for the contemporary supply chain market situation. By being actively involved in composing agreements, we have acquired a broad knowledge on agreements in industry settings.

Supply contract offers refreshing agreements. What does this entail?

  • Reciprocal
  • Modular
  • Online
  • visual

We would be delighted to share more on this with you during our Supply Experience on friday 24 September.


Circular economy


Cost follows business


No investment

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